From his base in Brussels, Kristof Buntinx designs fashion, hats, bags, jewellery, accessories and stunning homeware.

Wearing a Buntinx or putting something created by Buntinx in your home literally and figuratively brings colour to everyday life.

With his finger on the pulse of culture and society, he strives to always place the person he is designing for on the centre stage. Buntinx intertwines beauty and quality in all his creations.

His greatest skill is his ability to imagine designs and pass on his vision to those around him. This was clear at an early age when he served as an apprentice at Levi’s and Viktor & Rolf.

Whether he is designing coffee mugs for Godiva or dresses for Belgian celebrities he has a knack for designs that bring people delight.

Buntinx is a reliable and consistent innovator who refuses to accept the obvious, he bravely seeks his own way with an open mind, passion and honesty. That is the basis of his creativity.

His designs have taken him to fashion shows and events including Hong Kong Design week and a retrospective at the House of the Council of The Flemish Community Commission.

“Kristof Buntinx' creations are fresh and daring.” 

—  VRT News.

“Brussels most eccentric designer and fashion artist.”​



Kristof Buntinx