Opening Cocktail

I don't think out of the box; I think the box”  Avant Garde fashion designer Kristof Buntinx tells us.

This applies literally to his eye-catcher design displayed in the exhibition window! Leather shoes designed as shoe boxes, made by atelier Rene van den Berg.  Fresh, funny and bold designs sprout from Kristofs sparkling personality. As an artist of his time, he integrates couture in everyday life. He makes his audience think, but always with a wink.

Kristofs box shoes symbolize the humor and the critical discourse of the art selected for this exhibition. Artistic Director Serge Helholc creates an interesting dialogue between art, fashion and design in which he reveals the true gems of the Belgian cultural heritage.

Kristof Buntinx accessory collection, started in 2008 reflects his versatile contemporary oeuvre. Based on a simple concept or a funny pun, Kristofs precious objects proclaim us a strong message. His designs dare to show true colour. They reflect a typically Belgian sense of individuality and individualism. The A-Roof-Over-Your-Head umbrella brings Tuscan sun on a rainy day.

Another highly conceptual piece is Kristofs thimble ('vinger hoed' in Dutch; literally 'finger hat').  This wonderful hat -hand made by milliner Martine Verstraeten- materializes Kristofs beloved game of words, commonly used in the literal sense. Kristof surprises his audience like no other! Last winter his label developed a series of crisis jewelry, questioning material luxury. At a reasonable price of course :)

Wondering what great design Kristof has in store? On the 15th of September Kristof will be delighted to welcome you with his usual flair. So please feel free to join the opening of this exceptional exhibition!