Designer Kristof Buntinx visits Rome

Kristof Buntinx travelled to Rome where he drew the nude statues he saw in the Vatican, in the Villa Medici and in the many churches and basilicas the Italian capital boasts. He remembers that he enjoyed drawing them and he also recalls the heat wave that hit the region during his stay, as a result of which he more or less had the city to himself. He loved the contact with the cool marble tiles on which he sketched sitting in the lotus position. He recently rediscovered these drawings and singled out motifs to print on his cotton boxer shorts. For the time being, this new ‘Rome’ collection is only made-to-order. 

The famous Dutch fashion photographer Herman van Gestel understands the body down to the finest detail and knows how to have the models pose as witnessed by the following photos:



Special thanks to the Norbertine generalate for the accommodations in Rome