Designer Kristof Buntinx dresses Britney and Shakira

It is every designer's dream to be able to dress a pop star and Belgian designer Kristof Buntinx was able to realise that dream. After a media appeal he found children aged 2 to 8 who were called Britney and Shakira, Kylie and Kanye.

Buntinx turned his fascination with superstars into a unique photo shoot with beauty photographer Pieter Desmet-Jans. Inspired by images of the actual stars, each mini-celebrity was given their own CD cover, for that genuine superstar feel.

Buntinx’ work often toys with the creative options of language (plays on words, witticisms, etc.). A slight flair for languages, or lack thereof, the approach to language of the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure, enable to decipher Buntinx’ creations and immediately coax a smile.

 Children, parents, and the designer himself had a fun shoot.

In the meantime Buntinx hopes to inspire Britney Spears to place an order!

“T(R)EE” T-shirt

Shakira  Aerts is a 3-year old toddler. She likes crafting and swimming and is crazy about music and dancing. She adored the fan that blew wind into her hair.

“T(R)EE” T-shirt by Kristof Buntinx

“Sigared” T-shirt

Britney Kennis is 9 years old and is 1.26 m tall. She loves to dance and is very creative and socially-minded.

“Sigared” T-shirt designed by Kristof Buntinx

"I look better naked" T-shirt 

Kanye De Sutter, 5 years old and 1.05 m tall, likes to play football and tennis with his brother. He also helps Mum and Dad in the bakery.

"I look better naked" T-shirt by Kristof Buntinx

"Amazing" T-shirt 

Jennifer ‘Lopez’ Opstoel is 5 years old and, just like her Mum, she just loves trying on clothes. She is proud of her beautiful long tresses, which have never been touched by her hairdresser's scissors.

"Amazing" T-shirt  designed by Kristof Buntinx

"Het leven is hard" T-shirt 

Britney Pirens is an 8-year old who loves fashion and drawing and would like to become a fashion designer when she grows up, just like Kristof.

"Het leven is hard" T-shirt

"I love people" T-shirt 

Kylie Wyns is 6 years old, attends the first year of primary school and is an excellent reader. She is into sports, goes to weekly ballet classes, plays badminton and is passionate about Barbie dolls.

"I love people" T-shirt designed by Kristof Buntinx

"Tee-Time" T-shirt 

Maria-Laura Van den Berghe, 5 years old, is named after the Belgian Princess. Hence this royal celebrity's ‘official portrait'.

"Tee-Time" T-shirt by Kristof Buntinx

"I want to be rich..." T-shirt

Justin Quyo is 2 years old and measures 90 cm. He is named after Justin Timberlake and already has all of his namesake's acting skills.

"I want to be rich..." T-shirt by Kristof Buntinx

"La vie est duur" T-shirt 

Bono Roosen is 5 years old and takes part in BMX races for the Keerbergen Dennen team. He also loves football and gaming.

"La vie est duur" T-shirt

"L'Appel" T-shirt

Axelle Mievis shares her first name with the Belgian singer Axelle Red, she is 4 years old and likes dressing up, drawing and telling stories.

"L'Appel" T-shirt by Kristof Buntinx


Credits and Contact

Beauty photographer:
Hair: Manu Martens

Designer: Kristof Buntinx