Crown jewels of Belgium designed by Kristof Buntinx

Back in ancient times the use of coins as jewellery was commonplace. Coins are daily implements exchanged by everyone. To Kristof Buntinx, creating a piece of jewellery from a coin boils down to elevating an object to the dignity of a work of art (see the definition of the sublimation process in the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan). Kristof Buntinx designed his creations for a woman as evidence of her relationship with the royal family. To him the portrait of the King, the reference to Europe and the fact that it involves money, provide the added value to his creation. In these times of economic crisis, in which everyone complains about loss, this veiled reference brings about a re-evaluation.

Tiara by Kristof Buntinx

Bracelet by Kristof Buntinx

Necklace by Kristof Buntinx

Earrings by Kristof Buntinx

Rosary by Kristof Buntinx